Window and Door Costs

How much do new windows and doors cost?  This is one of the first questions customers want to know, which makes total sense. How can you determine the right replacement window or door for you without understanding the costs and benefits involved. With so many variables, features and choices there is no easy answer to this question but we will lay out the basic pricing principles to help.

We are very different than our competitors – after one call you will see why!


    • Pick one manufacturer then tell you it’s the best thing sliced bread
    • Advertise an unrealistically low price then propose one twice as high
    • We don’t bad mouth our competitors
    • We don’t use high pressure sales tactics
    • Waste your time with long sales presentations
    • Sell customers features they don’t need
    • Change our tune
    • Sell low quality windows
    • Tell you one window material is inferior to another


    • Educate our customers
    • Listen to what is important to you
    • Use our expertise and experience to make recommendations
    • Offer multiple product and manufacturer options
    • Stand behind our price
    • Provide options and leave the decision up to you
    • Work on your timeline
    • Sell windows by leading manufactures
    • Install windows made of all materials; wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum and fiberglass

Replacement Window Cost

Finding the right window starts with answering a number of questions.  After you establish your criteria your are ready to proceed with cost analysis. Learn More…


Door Installation Cost

Selecting a door begin with setting criteria, assessing function and determining features. Once you settle in on a basis style you can then determine cost. Learn More…

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