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Door Types

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Doors set the tone for your home. Outside the home entry doors are the main focal point and inside the home doors bring style for every room.


  • Entry doors offer countless style combinations with sidelites and transons.
  • Patio doors are either hinged or sliding and come in french door styles or traditional styles.
  • Storm doors add protection from wind and precipitation and offer screened ventilation.


  • Panel doors and flush doors are the most common doors used for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Glass doors are frequently used in common rooms; dining rooms , living rooms, sunrooms and offices.
  • Bypass doors, pocket doors and bi-fold doors are used for closets and storage.
  • Pocket doors can be used almost anywhere as a space saving options.

The primary door materials are vinyl, wood, composite, fiberglass, steel and aluminum. Each have their proper place and function when considering budget, style and maintenance considerations:

Fiberglass Entry Door

Fiberglass is a fairly new material in doors. It is low maintenance, resists denting and scratching, and is very strong. Quality manufacturing is the most important factor when choosing a fiberglass door. Avoid cheaply made brands or the fiberglass finish may deteriorate and the door could rot.

Fiberglass is also available in a wood grain so you can get he durability of fiberglass with the distinctive look of wood. Therma-Tru originally developed the first wood grain doors. Their exceptional, patented manufacturing process still leads the industry.

Wood Entry Door

Solid wood doors are the most secure and beautiful doors. A solid wood door from a high quality manufacturer when maintained and finished properly will resist deterioration. The major disadvantages of solid wood doors are price and that they require regular maintenance.

Note that plywood doors with laminates can cause problems with prolonged exposure to the elements. This is because with laminates sanding and finishing is limited and the outer layer can absorb moisture. If you find a cheap wood door, stay away. A poorly constructed wood door will lead to nothing but problems.

Steel Entry Door

Steel doors have a huge range of quality and price. Steel is a popular choice today because it is more affordable than other materials yet still offers stylish design options, security, and low maintenance.

The most important factor to consider when buying a steel door is the gauge. The higher the number, the thinner the steel.24-gauge steel doors are commonly found but they are not a good long term solution. 22-gauge steel doors are a better option because it’s thicker steel that won’t bend or flex as easy as a 24-gauge, holds paint extremely well.

Patio Doors

A new patio door will brighten and open up any space. The two main types of patio doors are sliding and hinged. Sliding patio doors are an excellent option because of their space saving design. Hinged doors offer a distinctive look.

They are both available with multiple panels, transoms and sidelites and many decorative options: grids, colors, hardware and glass. The traditional look has narrow sash and frame profiles and french doors styles with their signature thicker bottom and side stiles.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are available in a number of styles. The primary types are traditional aluminum storm doors with extruded aluminum frames and the newer solid core storm doors which are designed for durability and longevity.
Storm doors protect entry doors from the elements and provide screened ventilation.

Each of these doors comes with a variety of glass and screen combinations. Storm doors typically comes standard with a screen and glass panel. Some models offer self storage for switching between screen and glass where others require removal to change panels. Depending on the door you choose there are also numerous hardware options for style and improved security.

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